Hey Everyone! 

Just to let you know that I (finally) updated my “About” page! It only took me a year to introduce the whole family 🙂 Check it out and get to know us a bit better. As I type there is a flurry of preparation to leave for the beach, a LONG awaited short vacation that we’re all looking forward to. When we get back look out for my upcoming posts on my 2014 LIFE CLEANSE, a self-improvement program that I made up for myself this year to revitalize and create change that is needed in my own life. We’ll talk soon!



Hello All!

I started this adventure of blogging today for two reasons:

1. When I write about my experiences I am better able to learn from them.

2. I hope that I will be able to help other people, especially mothers, reach their righteous goals, whatever they may be, for themselves and their families.

I am completely new to the world of blogging and am both excited and terrified. I ask for your patience and welcome your input.

Deep down I know that the majority of women in the world today really want to do what is best for themselves and their families and I know that through our united efforts we can accomplish so much more than what we could do alone. Welcome to 2livelovelearn, I look forward to our learning experiences together!