What Do You Think of My New Makeover?


We made our traditional Christmas cookies on Monday (we added mint flavoring this year though, YUM!)  We had the Christmas trees, stars, bells, hearts, my son decided to make a nativity, a neighbor boy made a sign of “I love you” for his Mom…it was so fun and cute and the kids loved it.

I was really touched though when my oldest daughter (5 yrs old) brought me this little creation….”Mom!” she said beaming, ” It’s you! I made it for you!” It was so darling, and I loved how she tried to match my hair and eyes, it was one of those “Melt” moments that just sends a burst of joy through you.

It wasn’t until today that I was looking at it and the thought came to me, “Is this just a 5 year old creation or does she really think I look like an 80’s country singer?”….Well, I guess it doesn’t matter, it said “I love you, Mom”,  no matter what.


Cat is out of the Bag

Cat is out of the Bag

So now that the surprise is over I can show y’all the gift we were the most excited about giving this Father’s Day! In reality, the kids each had about a paragraph on why they love their Daddy, but we decided to put of the most memorable reasons in a photo. This idea is thanks to Pinterest, and the photos and layout are thanks to one of my very talented friends. You’ll see more of her cute photos in my upcoming posts about our last day of school. In the meantime check out her blog at: http://brookeandamronharper.blogspot.mx