Fun. Creative. Together.

Sometimes FUN just sneaks up on you. Especially when you have a creative and energetic Dad that loves to spend time with his kids. He was working a full-time consulting job while we lived in Mexico AND trying to grow another coaching job into a full-time gig. He came home to a broken bed, andContinue reading “Fun. Creative. Together.”

I’m Back!….What happened?

    Sometimes we get a little antsy waiting at the airport for Daddy…   Hey Everyone! You probably thought I got lost or something, haha! Not to worry, after a 7 month hiatus, I’m back! So what happened? Mostly, life happened. My computer finally gave up on me in May, after 7 years ofContinue reading “I’m Back!….What happened?”

Tea Time!

When my Mom came to visit and brought the oldest girls each a  miniature tea set we knew a party was in sight! Today, we held a traditional British tea….well, minus the tea, (for religious reasons we only do non-caffeinated herbal teas) or cream (we don’t do dairy either), or crumpets (I don’t think IContinue reading “Tea Time!”

Simple Family Gratitude Activity

If you have “visual/hands-on” learners at your home you might enjoy this gratitude exercise. We have done this the past few years, starting on our first family night in November, it’s a great way to start off the holiday season. 1.) Gather the family and have a Gratitude discussion (we ask questions like, “What isContinue reading “Simple Family Gratitude Activity”

Celebrate Spring!

We started our celebration of spring with a some “flower power” pancakes! As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we do a lot of the “traditional” Easter customs on the first day of spring to keep Easter a bit more sacred. This year, in an effort to be budget friendly and lower the sugar intake of myContinue reading “Celebrate Spring!”