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Call me Meg. I am a very blessed wife and a mother of  4 (soon to be 5) beautiful children. I love spending time with my family, experiencing different cultures, eating, being active and outdoors, reading, and I LOVE learning new things. It is very much my nature to tackle issues in my life with an attitude of spiritual inquiry and secular research. I strive to find what is the best way to do things according to my religious beliefs and according to the unique people that have been placed in our family. Thus my life is very centered around this varied and incredible responsibility of being a righteous wife and mother.

fonsecas_012                                         This handsome fellow is my wonderful husband. In my posts I will refer to him as Marvel, because that is truly what he is. He grew up on a small island in Africa, spent his college years in Europe and then later in the U.S., where we met. He loves to learn new things, help people, spend time with his family,  go fishing and spend time outdoors. He has become one of my greatest inspirations because of his incredible ability to excel against seemingly impossible odds and his undaunted optimism.

fonsecas_029                                                                           This handsome little gentleman is our our son and eldest child who just turned 9 this year. I will refer to him in my posts as Engineer because that is his passion, creating things. He is a very observant and intuitive little man that surprises us with his wisdom. He loves to spend time with the whole family together, play soccer, play with fire, learning new things and he LOVES to tinker.

fonsecas_031                                                                             Our next oldest child recently turned 6 years old and I will refer to her in my posts as Fiesta. Just look in her eyes and you’ll see why this nick-name fits. She is one of the most life-loving people I’ve ever met! She loves people, hugs and cuddling, dancing, and everything girly. She is very compassionate and social and also loves to learn new things.

fonsecas_033                                           The next in the line-up I will refer to as Elf in my posts. Can you see the “adventures” she has written on her face? She turned 4 years old earlier this year and she knows exactly what she wants in life. She is very focused on her own little projects and world but also loves to get right in the middle of the party and laugh and dance. She loves to sing, read, dance, make jokes, decorate and cook.

fonsecas_034                                           Our youngest just turned 2 years old and is observant and somewhat serious but smiles easily and wants to be right in the middle of the action-which is why I refer to her as Button. She is very confident and does not hesitate when trying to do new things or say new words. She loves music, dancing, and playing with everything but her baby toys!

So that’s us in a nutshell! We are a family striving to follow Christ and love the journey while we’re at it. Our family started in the United States but we have lived abroad for more than 7 years. We are a homeschooling family and thus education and learning are always a very real and active part of our daily lives. We strive to look to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and try put Them first in everything we do and are.

17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. There is no almost about it… You are an awesome mommy of four! Just because that little baby isn’t born, doesn’t mean it isn’t a baby.
    Now that that is said; welcome to the crazy world of blogging. We look forward to reading all about your exciting adventures and hearing all your great advice!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Been wanting to do this for years but intimidated by the technology….step by step, right? I have read your articles you post on FB but just now realized your on wordpress too! Now I can follow you guys easier too! Enjoy Switzerland!

  2. Hi, what is home schooling ? Does it mean educating children at home ? If it is so, I think it is a great way to learn. Several noted polymaths were self taught, with minimal formal schooling.

    1. Exactly! Many very successful people, especially around the turn of the last century we more home taught then formally. Homeschooling is different for every family depending on their goals and methods but basically it’s educating a child at home. At our homeschool our main goal is create life-long learners, kids that WANT to learn and are DRIVEN to learn new things and then help them learn the skills to answer their own questions.

    1. Brianne! You are such a sweetheart! That really means a lot coming from such a talented person like you. Thank you SO much! I too, love reading your blog, you always inspire me, and make me nearly wet my pants from laughing so hard! Thanks again!

  3. I too am nominating you for an award, I love getting to know you and your family through your blog. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I am so glad I found your blog. Thanks for writing.

    1. Oh Genevieve, you’re such a sweetheart! Thanks so much, that really means a lot coming from such a talented Mom blogger! I really enjoy your blog too and look forward to learning more from you! Hugs and prayers your way 🙂

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