Lovely Beginning

Image                                             Here are our “Heart Maps” thus far!

To begin this Valentine’s week we started our day with practicing a new song. Well, a new old song. It’s called “Love One Another” and is based on John 13:34-35. We learned it a couple years ago but then it occurred to me that my now almost 4 year old didn’t really have the attention span at that time to learn it so we’re doing a review. It’s beautiful and brings a wonderful spirit to start the day and lead into our devotional. An added plus is that there is a sign language tutorial (wow, that must be a REALLY old video!)  that goes along with it that we’ve been learning/reviewing as well. My kids all love music and sign language (it’s our second language we’re learning at the moment), but my daughters LOVE this! They are both VERY kinesthetic learners, especially Fiesta, whom defines the saying “she was born dancing.”

In place of journaling time this week we are also working on “Heart Maps”. I was really interested in doing this to help my Engineer especially with his writing skills (and motivation 🙂 but I knew it would be a fun thing for Fiesta and Elf would love to tell me stories about it later on. Plus I was just genuinely interested in what things they all considered important! Today I really didn’t give them many guidelines other than draw a heart and draw or write things that are important to you inside of it. We are going to expand on this as the week goes along so that they can hopefully include everything inside the heart that they hold dear.

I was reflecting tonight as well that we could also use this Heart Map to reflect on one of our Family Night lessons we had a few weeks ago in which we learned about the first commandment (Exodus 20:3). At the time of the lesson we discussed how anything can become a “god” to us and if we start to place it before our one and true God it will lead to unhappiness. I think that reflecting on this commandment WITH the Heart Map will help my kids conceptualize this connection better.

Looking forward to a week filled with focusing on Love!


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