Tea Time!


When my Mom came to visit and brought the oldest girls each a  miniature tea set we knew a party was in sight! Today, we held a traditional British tea….well, minus the tea, (for religious reasons we only do non-caffeinated herbal teas) or cream (we don’t do dairy either), or crumpets (I don’t think I even know what a crumpet is….), and I’m not sure they dress up as ballerinas and princesses at tea time in Britain….BUT, we did have some fabulous Rose Hip tea, with some homemade miniature whole-wheat, dark chocolate cookies, and tried out our British accents. Pretty sure Fiesta and Elf are now obsessed with the word “Certainly”, although Elf says “Sutanly”! Engineer started out enthused about the idea (I think mostly for the cookies 🙂 and then after repeated attempts to try to rope him into our imaginary British world he ended up finishing his cookies like this:


It’s tough being the only boy in the house! 😉

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