Time4learning.com: A Review


This year we had a bit of a curriculum “overhaul”….well maybe just a curriculum “tailoring” One of my main concerns was that we were spending SO much time in books and hands-on activities that I felt my children were lacking in computer skills. Personally, I think technology training is an absolute MUST for children in this generation. However, I’m finding that we are a bit strict in our media allowances in our home. I wanted a good balance of education, fun, and technology but I wasn’t sure I could get an “all-in-one” deal. Well, maybe I didn’t but I feel we’ve come pretty close.

Have you heard of Time4learning.com ? It is an online educational program for PreK- Grade 12. Some users are using it as their main source of curriculum, as homeschoolers. Others use it for after school practice or a supplement. We use it as a supplement, it’s been a great incentive for my kids in subjects they struggle with or don’t enjoy. In the lower grades (which we use) the curriculum cover at least Math and Language Arts (PreK) and up to Science, Social Studies and what is called Language Arts Extensions that are often Science based.

In short this is what I love:

1.) Easy to Use:

My kids can navigate this with little to no help. Everything is very clearly outlined and guided both for parent and student.

2.) Interesting and Fun:

Even I like to do the lessons! The lessons are very informative and comprehensive but I don’t think my kids realize that they are learning, it’s presented in a an interesting and fun way that keeps them engaged. They often choose Time4learning over movies!

3.) Safe:

There are no ads that my kids can accidently end up in some not-kid-friendly place in cyberspace. The content is straight-forward and not a commercial in disguise or pushing a political or religious view-point.

4.) Self-paced and self-tracking:

The kids are not pressured to move at a pace they are not comfortable with and they can move ahead up to a grade level ahead (or below) if they need to. All lessons are kept track of and parents can view how many lessons have been done and how the kids are doing on the “quizzes”.


The price is WAY less than you would spend on all the subjects, if you were to buy the curriculum.  What we really loved was that there are many sample lessons available on the website that will let you try out the curriculum and grade level before signing up.

My only two “gripes” with the program:

1.) Some of the language arts lessons can be “manipulated”. What I mean by this is that kids can get enough clues from graphics and voice inflections that they can avoid doing all the reading.

2.) Very Common-Core/ “Traditional” learning based program. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s more of a preference and I’m not sure you could make an online program any other way. In our homeschool we try to focus more on discovery/hands-on learning and less on rote/ multiple choice/ “in-a-box” learning, this program is more of the latter type.

All in all we’ve been very pleased with Time4Learning.com and it’s fulfilled it’s purpose of fostering more technology learning and reinforcing our learning done at home.

Disclaimer: As a member of Time4Learning, I have been asked to review their online education program and share my experiences. While I was compensated, this review was not written or edited by Time4Learning and my opinion is entirely my own. Write your own curriculum review or learn how to use their curriculum for homeschoolafter school study or summer learning.


7 thoughts on “Time4learning.com: A Review

  1. We love Time4earning and have used it for almost a year, now! What a relief it was to find something that taught such a wide range of lessons and topics that are interesting to my kids (without them having to listen to boring ol’ Mom). I also love overhearing how they teaching things…because they teach in ways that I certainly wouldn’t have thought of!! Glad you found them, too!!

    1. That explains it! I wondered how you managed when you were traveling so much on the other side of the world! Do you guys use it as your main curriculum or does it depend on where your traveling? It’s true, it’s a very creative program. So far we’re really loving it!

  2. We also use Time4Learning and love it! I can’t count the number of times I’ve learned something new while going over lessons with my boys. One of the things I also like is the ability to adjust grade levels depending on need–that has been a big help for the kiddo I have that struggles in math. So glad your family has really enjoyed learning with Time4Learning!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Nicole! Yes, the grade level adjustment has been a great tool for us as well- we have a couple of kids that have big gaps between reading and math skills. So fun to find other families that are loving this program as well! Merry Christmas!

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