Welcome Fall


I’ve always loved fall. Brisk, but not too cold. Beautifully colorful hillsides. The sweet smell of harvest and leaves piling up. The gentle rain. Warm, savory soups and sweet, spicy baked goods. MMMMM, love it! Of course those are my memories of fall.

We live in Mexico now and though there is a wet and dry season and you can tell the slight changes of the seasons its a bit harder to notice. We’ve actually lived in Latin America the majority (for my oldest) and all ( for the rest) of my children’s lives. So when it comes time to study seasons I take it on like we take on history. A worldwide view.

I always start with what the “typical” seasonal changes that I grew up with in the Northwest United States, and that most of my children are familiar with because of visits to my extended family. Then we talk about where we are living and the similarities and differences. Then we talk about where my husband’s extended family lives, on a tropical island in Africa, the similarities and differences there. We try to look at videos and pictures of all over the world and observe as much as we can. The great part is that you can cover science, geography, writing, reading, art, music, dance…and just about everything else with a study of the seasons!


We began our study of Fall today as part of our nature studies. We talked about the signs and why they happen. The kids collaborated on a clay sculpture of an autumn scene. My son decided that we needed clay figures of boys throwing leaves and getting stuck in a pile of leaves, hahaha! Then we went to the park to enjoy some fun running around, even the weather cooperated to feign fall, the hurricanes on the coast are giving us some very autumn-isc rain-storms.


I guess old habits are hard to break though! I still had to make some pumpkin bread today to celebrate. Yum!


3 thoughts on “Welcome Fall

  1. Aww. 😦 This post is so bittersweet. Do you feel like you appreciate fall more now that it isn’t as apparent around you? It’s my favorite season, because the weather leaves my horses in perpetually good moods. I think they like hearing their hooves crunch over the leaves just as much as I do. Hehe

    1. Hi Jessica! Yes, I think I appreciate all the seasons more and I think I “look” for them more now…it helps me stay more in-tune to nature.
      Haha! I’ll bet if we were horses we would love fall too, the little chill and breeze probably feels wonderful to them! Maybe the leaves give a bit more padding too?
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. For Fall solstice our season reflects itself true here in the Pacific Northwest. We have a RIPE Grampa Jack-o-launtern punkin! It’s HUGE and we harvested it today…with several of something else I don’t remember planting either! But they are beautiful yellow with green stripes and some streaks of orange near the bottom. I wonder if these are a gift from the compost we tilled in this spring??? Love the sculptures and smiles.
    Hugs all around~
    Gramma Margo;)

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