Almost forgot…..5 Top-rated Activities of 2012-2013!

ImageWe’ve been so focused on getting ready for this school year that I almost forgot to give reviews on how last year went! When I was going back over my kids portfolios and writing up their “Letter from the Teacher” (an overview of their progress for the year) I began to reflect on our favorite activities of the 2012-2013 Homeschool Year. It’s hard to narrow it down but I think these were our Top 5 Picks:

1. Reading Camp-outs: This was sucha a hit that I wrote a whole separate post on it. You can read all about it here:

2. Author Your Own Book: This project was so fun- we want to do it again this year! First we talked about story basics. Then over the course of about a week the kids made up their story, illustrated it, and we glued and stapled and Voila! A book was born!  More to come on an upcoming post!

3. My Favorite Book Week: Each of the kids picked a favorite book and we based many of the school activities off of that book……more to come in an upcoming post!

4. Monarch Field Trip: This was probably MY favorite of the year. To finish a unit in science on butterflies we went to see the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries in Morelia, Mexico. FANTASTIC! You can read and see more about our trip here:    AND HERE:

5. Service Projects: Although not as many as we would like, we did some service projects that I think really stuck with us. I think our two favorites were building toys and puppets for an orphanage and making goodies for some families we knew were having a hard time. We did the second one several times but here is a post on one:             We are really hoping to find creative ways to do more of these, it’s a bit more complicated with small children…..So any input and ideas would be very welcome!


4 thoughts on “Almost forgot…..5 Top-rated Activities of 2012-2013!

  1. Guess what I have ready to box and ship to LL&L Academy? BOOKS! Yep I found some really awesome new books for your Reading Camp-outs! Can I come with them? What kid of tents are you making this year?
    Hugs all around!
    Gramma Margo;)

  2. You are such a fun mom! Great ideas! I love the book making and book week! My children dressed as their favorite book characters when they were in school as an alternative to Halloween. It was fun! We had a Christian from Pilgrim’s Progress and Sister Bear. They would love a Book Week in HS!

    1. That’s a fun idea for Halloween! Will have to mention that to my kids, last year was the first year they dressed up, I would like Pilgrim’s Progress and Sister Bear much better than the vampire my son wanted to be last year! haha!

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