My Philosophy on Learning

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to 2LiveLoveLearn! In order to celebrate the occasion I thought I would share my thoughts on why I started this journey of blogging in the first place. Enjoy!

We Live, love , and Learn


This life is all about learning. Right? That’s what we came here for, that is the whole plan. We are very blessed that we have the Lord overseeing this learning process and giving us tools and insights along the way. We have His sacred scriptures to guide us as well as the Holy Ghost. I am so very grateful for these incredible gifts in my life.

Now, does that mean that this should be a piece of cake? Of course not. If it were easy then we really wouldn’t learn anything, would we? There are numerous facets to consider. We have our circumstances of family, home, culture….not to mention our gender, personality, and physical capabilities. All of these aspects, as well as others, play an important role in the way we learn and what we will learn throughout all eternity.

Personally, I think that there are no learning disabilities. Yes…

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