Wow! What a compliment! Just the fact that such a talented person would read my blog, let alone like it, is incredibly flattering. I was just nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by a marvelous woman who is a wonderful, and dedicated christian, wife, mother, writer and photographer, not to mention she is hilarious! You can visit her blog here:

So, good news and bad news. Apparently, there are rules to this thing. I get to display the award, which is great! Also, I get to share with you 15 of my favorite blogs and tell you why I think they are so amazing! So here are some real gems:

1. Happily Occupied Homebodies : Wonderfully organized woman, homeschool mom, farmer’s wife with cute and great ideas for good fun at home.

2. A Homeschool Mom : Amazingly organized homeschooling mom with great ideas and great reminders about focusing on what our true mission is as mothers.

3. Homemaking With Heart: A heart-warming, talented blogger that has great homeschool and health tips as well as focusing on our purpose in life.

4. i have no greater joy : An incredibly optimistic (you can’t help but smile when reading!) homeschooling mother that is wonderfully creative with her homemaking and mothering ideas.

5. :A definite super-mom, they’ve traveled the world (with 3 kids!) and are still living to tell about it! A fresh breath of air and a very interesting read.

6. Thinking Kids : A very focused and talented writer and mother that reminds us of the important things in life.

7. : If you haven’t visited this blog, you should, it could be life-changing….seriously. This woman reminds us and shows us how to put our family first.

8. : Awesomely talented woman, wife, mother and photographer ( AWESOME PICTURES!) Always reminding me of the joy and humor that can be found in the every day.

9. : She’s raising AND homeschooling 11 children….yes, you read that right, plus religious and health focused….yep, super mom- great information!

10. : Wonderfully informative and helpful information for the homeschooling family.

11. Homeschool Crafts : Great, simple and very effective ideas for educating your kids at home.

12. : Good, if not “clean”, fun that helps your kids learn in the way they like best- hands-on!

13. Project Light to Life : Great ideas for everyday service and happiness- reminders that we are not alive for ourselves.

14. maskcara : If you met me you would never guess I would follow a blog on fashion and personal care. I’m not actually into fashion and products and such, BUT this woman is incredibly talented and has awesome tips and step-by-step approaches for make-up and hair.

15. Simple Days making for an Exciting Adventure : Just like the title implies, a great homeschooling mom that shows what a great life can be had by simply living.

Now, the not so great news is that I can only share 15 blogs. There are so many talented people out there! Another down-note is that in order to do this I have to share 7 interesting facts about myself. Bummer, I’m not sure I can even think of 7 facts, let alone interesting, but I’m always up for a challenge. So here we go:

1. I love to dance. I honestly don’t think I can keep my body still if I hear music (even if its only in my head!)

2. I love read. Especially history, self-help, and health-focused literature.

3. I love nature. I seriously feel so much joy just by walking around outside. Let me go on a hike in the mountains or a jog on the beach and it’s pretty heavenly.

4. I’m the messiest neat-freak you’ll ever meet. I border on OCD, so I PURPOSELY create (or allow) messes because I feel it creates more balance in my life.

5. I love food. You would think I would put a type of food, but I can’t pick a favorite- though I do border on insanity with chocolate. I will try everything once as long as it’s not immoral or against my religious beliefs. Even things that I think I don’t like will sometimes be the only thing I want to eat….I have a love/hate relationship with fish and cantaloupe.

6. I am a research geek. I love to learn and teach. I put these together cause I learn more as I’m teaching. Pretty much, if it’s new information, on pretty nearly any subject I feel like I just want to absorb it- I have to control myself cause I could spend hours researching.

7. I’ve had each one of my children (4) in different countries (if you count Puerto Rico as another country, which I do….if you’ve been there, you understand)

So that wraps it up! Thanks so much again to BriAnne for the incredible compliment! For those of you that I nominated you can get ALL the details (yup, the research geek in me) here: .

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “WOW!!!

  1. Well deserved Megan! Your heart, your soul, your expression appear to be always focused on God’s love and His desire that we live learning, sharing, loving, and humble lives in preparation for an eternity in His presence. God Bless You! Continue writing! Continue sharing!

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