Nailpolish, Puddles, and Sprinkle Tea

ImageDo you know how hard it was to take this? Haha, three little wiggley girls and newly painted toes!


I was so busy having fun playing in the rain that I forgot to take pictures! But you can see that there was enough rain to have some good wet, muddy fun!


Rose hip tea with star sprinkles! Warm and ready for bed after puddle-jumping!


I always drink my tea and play in the dirty laundry, don’t you?


My daugher is a better photographer than me!


Even the baby loves this book!

Today was a good day as long as I think of it in terms of priorities. If I think of my long list of “to-dos” then I start to feel discouraged. This summer break I was determined to be more involved in my children’s adventures rather than just organizing and monitoring them. It doesn’t come easy for me. I’m a list-maker, task-oriented, work-aholic type. So I started by making a list of fun things I knew we could all do together, trying to focus on easy, economical activities. Then I started a mantra to myself, “What am I missing out on?” The truth is my kids will not be little forever. There are even fewer years that they will find such joy in little things and WANT to be hangout with me! So today I once again started on my list of to-dos but I kept my mantra in my head. Maybe I didn’t get the floor mopped and the rest of that shelf organized but I did some “to-dos” that were much more important and much more fun.

Instead of insisting that my 3 yr. old go back to bed when she woke me up this morning (before 4am) I went to her bed and let her fall asleep on my chest like she used too when she was a baby

We went to the park and everyone took turns getting dizzy on the merry-go-round

We had a pedicure party and painted all the girls toenails (mine too)!

I stopped what I was doing so I could read to my oldest daughter from the Wizard of Oz for the 40th time(O.K, O.K….so maybe only the 10th)

We went swimming in the freezing (well, cold to me anyway) pool and my daughter and I sang the Wiggles World theme song while she showed me her dance moves

We played in the rain, complete with puddle jumping and floating boats

I stopped what I was doing to let me son tell me his latest jokes (which I think are funny just because of the way he laughs at them)!

We all jumped on Daddy when he got home and gave him a proper welcome

We stayed up a bit later to read the next chapter in our read-aloud book just cause we love it so much

So, when I think of it that way…memories were made and bonds were strengthened…maybe we did get a lot done today.



6 thoughts on “Nailpolish, Puddles, and Sprinkle Tea

  1. I miss you!! I was just talking about you with my mom tonight. You are such a great mother! It’s soooo hard to keep in mind the most important thing with little kids. This was what I needed tonight. Thanks so much for your great example. See you soon! Lets plan a zoo trip when we get back.

    1. I miss you too! So funny, cause right after I wrote this I was thinking about you and how you’re such a great example to me of remembering the kids first. I especially love how you take each of your kiddos on an individual date regularly. I really need to work on that. Hope you’re having a great time! Yes, definitely-let’s do it!

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