Cat is out of the Bag

Cat is out of the Bag

So now that the surprise is over I can show y’all the gift we were the most excited about giving this Father’s Day! In reality, the kids each had about a paragraph on why they love their Daddy, but we decided to put of the most memorable reasons in a photo. This idea is thanks to Pinterest, and the photos and layout are thanks to one of my very talented friends. You’ll see more of her cute photos in my upcoming posts about our last day of school. In the meantime check out her blog at:


3 thoughts on “Cat is out of the Bag

  1. Wow Dominic! You put a lot of thought into your remarks here. Dad is a great example isn’t he? You have learned much from him, I kmow because I see you Choosing The Right all the time.. Allia~ you really like to be with Dad and help him in the yard don’t you! We all know what “smoochers” you two are too! Michelle, you have the BIGGEST SMILE ever in your picture for Daddy! Did he have a piece of candy in his pocket for you? Olivia! Did you say “I love YOU Daddy? What a WONDERFUL Father’s Day Gift you have given Daddy. He will treasure it forever…I know he will!
    Hugs from Washington,
    Gramma Margo;)

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