Happy Father’s Day to the wonderful Father in our family! We love him so much and are so grateful for his influence in our lives!

The world is in need of many things. With the advance of information and technology we have lost touch with the basic human needs. Morality is quickly fading away into a fabled tradition. Personally, I believe one of the greatest needs in the world today is Fathers.

We need Fathers that lead their families in virtue and truth. We need Fathers that are loyal and know that after God, their wife and children are their greatest treasure. We need Fathers who know who they are and where they are going. We need Fathers that know and live in a way that puts the quality of their soul and state of their family above any other view of success. We need Fathers that will stand up and fight for what they know to be right and best for themselves and their families.

In this world of feminism and decaying nuclear families many may say that we can do it without them. Do what? Have we forgotten what it is we are trying to do? We are on a journey to follow our Father in Heaven, to become like Him. Our FATHER in Heaven leads us. He put us on this Earth in families, with a mother AND A FATHER. It is HIS plan. Deep down I believe that most everybody wants someone that they can count on, to teach, guide and lead them. We don’t just NEED Father’s we WANT a Father. Happy Father’s Day!


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