It’s no secret that loving your family is easy, but liking them at times can be challenging.  When we embarked on our journey as a family my husband and I knew that we wanted to be life-long friends and to share that culture with our children. In that goal we knew we would need to put God first, and then spouse, and then our own little family.

We’ve felt the importance of this ring true more and more with each passing year, especially since we move quite often and most often the moves have been international. We share with our children the teaching that friends come and go but family is forever. By encouraging fun activities together and team-efforts we’ve seen relationships strengthen. We want our family to be our best friends!

It doesn’t happen every moment of every day but usually there is at least one moment of each day that we see a glimpse of our potential as family friends. These glimpses always makes my heart glow!


4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. You are such an inspiration in this area! Is it Tres T where the bigs and littles have activities together? I loved that! Our family has the same God-spouse-family goals, but I need to be a bit more intentional. And of course, I love the spontaneous moments, too! They make “my heart glow!” Sweet picture!

  2. Olivia knows she is on camera doesn’t she tho`? In this pic she looks tolerant of all the hugs. What did “Tinker times 2” build that day?
    Smooches all around.
    Gramma Margo;)

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