After my post last week, about our Reading Campouts ( you can see that post here:, one of my fellow  mommy bloggers shared a great activity that they do on Fridays called Crazy Skills (you can see her post here: )

Basically, it’s a specific amount of time for your kids to show off how ever they want….to go CRAZY! And of course there were some prizes!

When I read about it I wanted to try it right away so after our review today we showed some CRAZY! It was so fun to see the different interpretations of crazy and helped me to remember what it was like to ge a kid, so much energy and imagination needing a way to express itself!



4 thoughts on “Craziness!

  1. Love it! They’ve got some skills, girl! 😉 Looks like fun! Your daughter would get along well with mine… she puts on a pink skirt over anything she’s wearing! Doesn’t want to leave the house without it!

  2. Hola Grandgems!! You are SO CRAZY! Grampa Jack and I LOVED seeing you be Crazy!
    We love you a bushel and a peck and hug around the neck!
    Gramma Margo;)

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