Tres T

ImageMaybe it’s just me but it seems that homeschooling became much more complicated once I hit three kids!

With two I could switch back and forth, but with three first I was trying to figure out how to keep the baby happy then soon I had a little toddler to teach as well! As I was pondering the issue I came upon a great article that I expand upon in this post:

After some thought and prayer the term “Tres T” came to mind. Tres T standing for “Toddler Teaching Time”. The idea was to have my children teaching eachother.

At first I had my (at the time) 6 yr. old spend time with my toddler and they had a special box full of toddler focused activities (ie: blocks, puzzles, colors, etc) that they would use to play and learn together. I instructed my 6 yr. old in ways that he could turn the play into more focused learning (ie: ask questions, “What color is this?” , “How many are there?”) and away they went.

During this time I would have more focused learning with (at that time) 3 yr. old.Then she and my 6 yr. old would switch, and the 3 yr. old would be teaching the toddler, while I had more time with my 6 yr. old.ImageThere has definitely been a learning curve as we’ve adjusted to different personalities and learning styles but all in all I think it’s been a success. Now they need little to no guidance, I usually provide the activity but my (now) 7 almost 8 yr old has started taking more initiative in his “lessons” and come up with some creative ideas of his own. My favorite was when he taught his sister about shapes by making a bird out of shapes (one of her favorite animals).

We have good days and bad days, and sometimes one or all of the kids just need more time with me and we have to adjust, but it has definitely helped in resolving some sibling rivalry issues and deepened learning with everyone concerned.

So, tell me! What do you do with your toddler in your homeschool? How do you juggle multiple children?


4 thoughts on “Tres T

  1. That’s a great idea! I have done that before without a plan or any purpose other than, “Read your little brother a book and ask him about the pictures!” It was usually out of desperation! I love that you make it a special time. I watched the sweet baby days video and bookmarked the article to read soon!

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