Reading Campout

ImageSo I read about this idea somewhere ( I wish I could remember where!) about having a “Reading Campout”. The family I read about used their actual tents and set them up in the living room and read all day.

Since I’m always on the lookout for ways to encourage reading I thought we would try it out. We don’t own a tent at the moment so our first attempt was with a blanket tied to our dining room chairs. Now we’ve “graduated(?)” to taping a sheet to the wall, lean-to style. Our little inventors I’m sure will keep coming up with new ideas for our tent!


We do our “campout” on the last Friday of each month. Since Friday’s are also our “cleaning day” the campout is a great incentive as well! We spend an hour or so with our opening exercises, devotional, a bit of review for my daughters, and a math lesson for my son. Then we spend another hour or so with our cleaning projects, and then set up our tent!

ImageThe kids pick out all of their favorites from our “library” and we try to have one or two new books ( usually thanks to Grandma!) to make it even more fun. They spend an hour or so reading to themselves and each other while I finish up a few of my domestic duties. Then we have lunch (something “camp-ish” of course!) and then I spend an hour or so reading to them from their favorites. Sometimes it lasts nearly all day, sometimes a couple hours is all they’re up for, but they love it every time!


Lately we’ve also started taking advantage of the setting to teach some outdoor survival skills, such as shelter building, fire-building, outdoor cooking, etc. We try to end the day with a family BBQ outside and then the kids always use their tent that night to have a sibling sleepover. Maybe not a lot of sleeping, but certainly a lot of fun!



8 thoughts on “Reading Campout

  1. What a great idea for Friday fun! I love it! We don’t have school on Fridays, so it would be a perfect cleaning/ tent day! We have also done “crazy skills” on Fridays. Basically, the kids act nutty for a set amount of time. I give them each about a minute to demonstrate their craziness, and then I give awards. I sometimes show off my crazy skills, too!

      1. So fun! I love the sound of this book you mentioned in your post, especially the horse and emotions illustration. Also, it’s definitely something I have to remind myself of- that my kids are just kids!

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