Homeschooling: Before You Begin…..

It was SO good for me to re-read this and remember my OWN reasons for homeschooling! To update this post, this year I am adding a “pre-made” Writing/Art and Science curriculum instead of creating my own.

We Live, love , and Learn


Here are THREE  of our BIGGEST reasons for Homeschooling!

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the journey into the homeschooling world. This may seem like a daunting task at first so let me reassure you that once you’ve made the decision to homeschool, one of the biggest tasks is already out of the way! Now let’s explore a few other items of business that will help you be all ready for the first day of school….at home!

Although not completely essential to a successful school year, I feel it is important to record one’s “Whys” for making a decision. In other words, why did you choose to homeschool? I recorded my “Whys” in my journal, but you could just as easily type it up, write it up, or note it down. This simply helps you to stay focused on your purpose for homeschooling and helps convince you again when you’re…

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