Tinker Time

Image                        Even if you don’t have a “tinkerer” in your home, adding a bit of this type of discovery play to your homeschool or to spice up your after-school activities can bring more that just “keep-em busy” benefits.Image                            The awesome thing about “tinkering” projects are that not only do kids keep busy at something constructive but they get wonderful practice with the process of “cause and effect”. 

Image                               Life in general and especially the subjects of science and math rely heavily on the subject of cause and effect. And wouldn’t it be great if your kids could learn something new by discovering it themselves rather than receiving a lecture or fact memorization?

Image                           So the next time you have a blender die on you, or a toaster burn out, don’t throw it away! Give your child the small appliance, watch, remote control car, or even their own broken toy and the tools they need to take it apart and let them go at it! You will be amazed at what they will discover! Who would have thought that my 7-yr old would find out why my blender wasn’t working and even be able to put it back together again? Even if they can’t put it back together they learn something each time they “mess” with simple or complex machines, and isn’t that our one of our main goals? Sit back mom and/or dad, let them learn!


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