Celebrate Spring!


We started our celebration of spring with a some “flower power” pancakes!Image

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we do a lot of the “traditional” Easter customs on the first day of spring to keep Easter a bit more sacred. This year, in an effort to be budget friendly and lower the sugar intake of my kids I opted for more fun activities to celebrate spring this year with just a touch of sweetness. This is the “marshmellow bouquet” that the kids made for their Dad (after eating theirs of course!)


Can you see the egg? I thought I was so tricky but my son found even the most well-hidden eggs in our hunt this afternoon!

What is your family doing to celebrate spring?

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Spring!

  1. What fun! We have a funny tradition of dying eggs a few days before Easter, and then on Easter we do an outdoor easter egg hunt with those real boiled eggs. Once they are all found we do all sorts of crazy activities in the yard, on the driveway, etc (i.e. we sit in a circle and roll our eggs into the center at the same time to crash and crack them, or toss them across the room to each other…also trying to crash them, etc). The goal is to get them softened and cracked up, so peeling is super easy. Then we cook them up into a creamed eggs over ripped toast meal. Simple, but fun tradition…and always fun…no matter what age! We don’t do an Easter Bunny…but the kids don’t seem to care or notice!

    1. How fun! Good to know we’re not the only non-Easter Bunny family! I think kids just love tradition regardless of if it’s “normal” or super involved. Thanks for sharing!

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