20 minutes


Does 20 minutes make or break your day? I was thrown off track the other day and in trying to reprioritize my day I started thinking….wow, is 20 minutes really all it takes?

Of course there are no guarantees and there is no formula for getting life perfect every time….and really in truly my life goes much smoother if I get up at least an hour before my kids but I think the line between a day that I’m running to catch up and a day where I feel like I’m more in control lies on the 20 minute mark.

Getting up at least 20 minutes before my kids usually adds 2 hours to my day. Probably cause I don’t have to “hit the ground running” and I can get my brain working before it’s demanded to work. I also usually get all the essentials in (prayers, scripture study, exercise, self-care) without having to put off other important things.

When this thought hit me I was like “Oh my goodness, just think of what a big difference 20 minutes makes!” These are some of the things I thought really make a huge difference in my life and all of them can take more time but it seems like the minimum amount for me to feel a positive difference is 20 minutes.

20 minutes exercise ( …seems like it wakes up my metabolism and my body has less “glitches” during the day)

20 minutes sleep (…cats really know what they’re doing, the power-nap really does work!)

20 minutes study (…religious study being a must for my good days… and if I can get in secular study too I just feel like my brain is more “connected” to the day, kind of like what exercise does for the body)

20 minutes of self-care (… I take a few minutes to put on a bit of makeup each day so I feel like am a woman and wife as well as a mom and if I use a few extra minutes to  maybe apply some lotion, or an exfoliation cream, or oil-treatment for my hair, or a facial mask, or manicure, or pedicure….it’s like I’m a new woman!)

20 minutes reading to your children (…this makes a difference in everyone’s day…it makes you slow down and snuggle and enjoy each other!)

20 minutes talking with your spouse (….you mean we’re married! Ha ha! This changes my relationship from business to eternal friend and partner.)

20 minutes planning (…especially in a homeschool, this gives me SO much more time in the long run because I know what, where, and how!)

20 minutes extra cleaning (…a clean house may not happen today but it can happen one clean toilet or shower stall or garbage can or cabinet, etc. at a time.)

20 minutes extra food-preparation (…one day of spending an extra 20 minutes of cutting up fruits and veggies means AT LEAST 3 meals are 75% complete.)

20 minutes of fresh air (….the world wasn’t just creating for use, it was also created for enjoyment and I always notice a change of attitude and greater well being when I’m enjoying the outdoors daily)

20 minutes to eat (….if I take this time to eat and enjoy my food rather than gulping it down to move on to the next thing on my list I usually end up eating less and I feel like my food preparation was actually worth it!)

What other things have you found that really take very little time and lead to a successful day and life? Really if it only takes 20 minutes I think that makes it all a little more do-able and I can start with that and hopefully get a bit better with each day!


4 thoughts on “20 minutes

  1. Whether I’m 20 minutes behind or 20 minutes ahead, I feel like this has a huge impact on my day and my mood. I never regret having that extra time – though I always find a way to use it! It’s amazing how such a small aspect of your day can really impact the rest of it.

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