All We Need is Love


So, is the song stuck in your head yet?

I was thinking about this phrase today when I was reflecting on my 2 year olds behavior today. Honestly, this evening was a challenging one with her. Two year olds are a bit like the weather aren’t they?

But as frustrated as I was with her I couldn’t help but smile when I thought about this morning. She was dancing and singing about the house, as she does quite often, and I was getting my shoes on to take her and her sisters for a walk.

I often ask her “What’s your deal?” when she’s acting ornery and whiney and as she danced about she was laughing and singing “That’s my deal! That’s my deal!” When I looked up and smiled at her she came and wrapped her arms around me, giggling. When she’s in this type of sweetheart mood she will often give you a big hug and say “I love you SOOOO much!” It totally makes my day!

Well, as I pondered on this sweet little girl I asked myself? Is that really all we need?

If love were to motivate all our behaviors, wouldn’t that create a perfect, joyful world? Is there a loophole somewhere?

Well, God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (John 3:16)….That was what made our life and happiness today even possible!

I think about the times I’m sick and my 4 year old checks my head for a fever and looks into my eyes with concern and asks “Are you O.K. Mommy?” I definitely feel much better just from the concern she shows for me.

Or the times my 7 year old son helps clean the dishes and says, “Mom, you need to rest more, you do too much work.” Just the fact that he notices my efforts make me have much more energy and motivation.

Or when my husband doesn’t really know what to do for me when I’m acting down, so he just gives me a hug or does one of my mundane household tasks just to show that he cares. That he’s trying to do SOMETHING to help makes me feel loved.

I may not have all the answers and life may not always be sunlight and roses, but I DO KNOW that love makes it all worthwhile and a whole lot better. The love I have for God and my family gives me a reason and goal to motivate me. The love that they have for me makes my yoke easy and my burden light (Matt 11:30)! So maybe all we REALLY need IS love.


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