Baby days

I love babies! I mean what is not to love? They smell great (well, most of the time!), they love you unconditionally, they are so beautiful and it’s the most amazing thing to watch them learn and grow.
Yes, they are a lot of work and sometimes it’s a bit frustrating to deal with all their many needs. Especially when you are homeschooling. It can get a bit tricky to juggle all the different needs of a growing family AND accomplish some learning.
I was pondering my role as teacher and mother again as our family is in the “baby phase” once again. Then I decided to re-read this great article by a lovely woman that has given me lots of hope and ideas for my homeschool.
She talks about how everything we do in our homeschool is teaching a lesson, especially what we do with the baby. You can read the whole article here:
All in all, I think anyone that has loved a baby knows that all the work is more than worth it! I think loving and caring for a baby is part of God’s plan, so we can start to understand His love for us and thus become more like Him. In homeschooling we have an additional opportunity to learn and grow as we teach our children that life is all about love and learning!


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