Happy Medium


So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact

and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.

Just never forget to be dexterous and deft.

And never mix up you right foot with your left.

By Dr. Seuss

This quote kept running over and over in my brain this morning as I was struggling to get my mind to concentrate on one subject at a time. Do you ever feel that way? You have a million and one things to be done and you feel so nutty and overwhelmed that you become completely ineffective? I was definitely feeling it this week in particular but I knew I needed to do something about it when I was sorting the laundry this morning and could not get my brights to stay out of my whites! That’s when I said to myself, “You need to figure out something to concentrate lady or you’re going to have twice as much to do because you’re doing it all wrong!”

Have you ever heard the phrase “happy medium”? You know, like a nice balance….maybe not everything is perfect but you’re happy with your progress? Well, this is what I’m striving for and lately I’ve been failing miserably.

A new baby along with my three other children, a new year, restarting homeschool, trying to add in a few extracurricular activities, trying to find some time to help my husband with his business, and exercise and devotional study, then just the everyday secretarial/parental/maid/cook(nutritionist)/ chofer/errand running/ etc responsibilities of being a mom just seem like Mt. Everest these past few days. I keep telling myself that I could do better but I can’t seem to stop the treadmill long enough to get a plan to move forward on!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a high stress person. I like order. I like plans. I like schedules. Yep, one of THOSE people. I can be creative and spontaneous but ironically it takes a lot of effort and I end up over thinking it. So needless to say, when something interrupts my ordered little world, I kinda get my feathers ruffled a bit.

Well, the “somethings” that interrupt are constant, as we all know, life is not stagnant! Not that I would want it to be. This is all part of God’s plan, how can we learn and grow and become more like Him is we are never challenged and stretched and tried? Just like water the freshest and cleanest is the kind that is constantly in motion.

What I’m learning in this journey is that sometimes amongst all the “motion” around us and involving us we have to PAUSE OURSELVES to get our bearings and create calmness within that will lessen the stress and make us more effective.

Am I any good at this? No, not really…remember I said “I’m learning….” Haha! But what I have noticed is that the best way for me to pause is to start with my spirit. Starting my day with a talk with my Father in Heaven helps me to calm and clarify things. Also, I try to have an open conversation with Him during the day, especially when I feel like my treadmill of life might be on a speed and slope that I can’t handle. He helps me to see the priorities more clearly and create a calm within that allows me to think more clearly. Then I return and report at the end of the day because I know at least He cares about my mundane world.

With this clarity I can create my path. As I said planning helps me. I outline what I need to get done and I’ve found that if I prioritize the list but not give myself a strict timeline (except for mandated timelines of course, ie: taxes! Ugh!) then I can get the most important things done first and still have enough­­­ room for some spontaneity.

Of course I have to watch my planning. Sometimes I get overzealous and get too motivated and start doing things as if I’ve got one day left to do it all in. This method always leads me to one end….tired and depressed.

And sometimes I just need a break! Sometimes when I’m running and running and so busy DOING that I’m not “stopping to smell the roses”. What’s the point of taking a hike through a beautiful forest if you’re so busy climbing or getting exercise that you don’t even pause to enjoy the view? Sometimes I have to just do something simply for the enjoyment of doing it. Which is why I’m writing and “drinking” the “juice and icecream” my two-year old just made me out of play-doh, instead of doing a long list of other things I could be doing!

Right now I’m in the midst of finding my happy medium. Like my mom always tells me….if I find the formula for it, I’ll patent it. O.K. I’ve taken my break, I feel better…..on to “the list” Wish me luck and take luck with yours!


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