Now or Never?

It’s a commonly held belief, the idea that there is a timing, a destiny, a fate, for everything in our lives. I’ve always been of the mind that there is a time and season for all things. At the same time, I do not think that choosing one thing will mean you have to give up another forever.

For instance, when I was planning my adult life I had everything planned,  which schools I would attend, which degrees I would achieve, what studies and travels I would take, what career plan I would take….My ultimate goal was to eventually become a wife and mother but I figured I’d get all of my educational and career goals taken care of first and then move on to a home life.

Thankfully, I also have great faith that the Lord will guide our paths and decisions and it happened in my life that I was guided to take on the role of wife and mother much earlier than I had planned. Now looking back I am eternally grateful that I was re-routed and know that this was the best timing for me. Does that mean the rest of my educational and career goals are forever lost? I don’t think so. I’ve also been amazed at how my responsibilities as a wife and mother have taught, shaped, and led me to much more knowledge and wisdom than I would have ever thought possible, many times paralleling and supplementing my career and educational goals.

However, I began wondering on this topic the other day when I was thinking of adding another activity into mine and my family’s life. The topic was Boy Scouts of America. My son is of the right age and he already has some of the manuals and has already enjoyed experimenting with the learning experiences offered in them.

The issue is that since we live internationally I would have to either do it with my son as a home-study type course or start our own group. Either way it would involve a lot of extra time and I would have to also deal with the extra paperwork issues of having our meetings abroad. Is it worth it? I think so, I really like the program and I know my son would love it. Is the timing right? Honestly, I am not a high-stress person, I don’t do well with it and I tend to minimize over-scheduling whenever possible. I was thinking logically it made sense, but I was also worried that I would soon find myself off-balance.

Right now I feel like being in my third trimester of pregnancy with my fourth child, homeschooling the rest of my children, helping my husband with his home-based business, keeping up my church and service commitments and then the doings, comings and goings of being a wife and mother is enough for me at the moment. It seems trivial, I know. What’s the big deal, it’s just Boy Scouts?

Well, these little decisions come up all the time in our lives and sometimes one little thing can lead to a bigger thing in the future. So, if I don’t do it now will we never do it? Or is this just not the time and season? This same thought pattern comes whenever I am considering a choice. I’ve found that thinking about it logically and making my decision, then bringing it to the Lord for his confirmation helps me feel I’m choosing the best thing at the best time. I also then feel that if it’s not the right time, right now, it doesn’t mean it won’t work later. Even if it is now or never and I don’t choose now, then never is probably the best choice for me.

So, what are your feelings about times and seasons? Now or Never?


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