Change Your Mood

We all have our good days and bad days. Here are some great tips to help you instantly improve those bad ones!

  1. Breathe! Oxygen is not only a necessity of life, but a lack of it can cause fatigue, soreness, and lack of concentration…enough to make anyone crabby! So take a deep breathe as you count to 3 and lift up your arms above your head to allow your lungs maximum capacity. A better functioning body is a happier body!
  2. Get Moving! Exercise is a proven mood regulator, it releases endorphins into your system to produce a feeling of well-being. The ideal would be 30 minutes of moderate exercise, something that makes you sweat and breathe hard. But even a few minutes of brisk walking, jumping jacks, swimming, etc. will help you feel much better.
  3. Nourish your Body! Water, water, water! Dehydration can lead to a lower ability for all parts of your body and mind to function, not to mention headaches and concentration issues. Also, when we don’t eat on a regular basis our body not only stores more calories which can lead to weight gain but we also get crabbier because our body is fighting against us. Make your body your ally and nourish it properly and regularly.
  4. Change your Company! If you are around negative, draining people you are much more likely to feel negative and drained. Choosing to be around happy, optimistic people will make it much easier to stay happy and optimistic yourself.
  5. Feed your Spirit! Religious or not, studies have shown that those that create a strong spiritual awareness in their lives are generally happier. If you do practice a religion, prayer and scripture reading will help put you back in alignment. If you do not consider yourself religious then find some time to meditate, enjoy nature, listen to soothing music, and/or read poetry.
  6. Be Grateful! When we recognize all that we have, especially during hard times, it helps us realize that nothing is as bad as it seems. Make a list of all that you have to be grateful for and put it somewhere that you can see it every day.
  7. Affirm yourself! Think of a talent you possess or something recently that you did very well. Tell yourself at least 5 positive things about yourself. It would be great to make a list of these too and put them next to your gratitude list.

All in all, let us remember that we always have a choice. At times this may take monumental effort and of course there are times when allowing ourselves to experience negative emotions, especially during times of mourning, are necessary and part of our recovery process. But no matter the circumstances, outside stimuli does not create our thinking or moods, we do. So if you’re having a bad day, you can also choose to have a good one instead.


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