Maximum Fitness in Minimum Time


One of the main components of our health is sufficient exercise. Though most would say that their health is priceless, we often fall into a rut with the excuse of lack of time. Here are some proven methods that can optimize your level of fitness even when you lack time.

 1. Start with cardio.

Just like any other muscle, if our heart is not exercised it will lose strength, endurance, and may even lose the ability to do its’ job properly. The ideal amount of cardio (a.k.a aerobic exercise, or exercise that causes us to breathe hard) is 30 minutes per day for an adult. Sometimes this is hard to do with the crazy lives we lead. Studies have shown though that 3, 10 minute intervals of even something as simple as walking significantly improves ones health. So, either break it up and fit it in, or give something up and exercise instead, you’re worth it!

2. Do abs next.

Your abdominals could be considered the foundation for all other muscles. If you keep your abs strong you are less likely to have back-problems, elimination issues, and your skeletal structure and thus other muscles and organs stay in alignment. Again, in the ideal world we would all have about 15-20 minutes to focus on our abs. But the great thing is you can work your abdominals while you are reading ( a book, email, texts, etc), watching t.v., brushing your teeth, washing dishes and doing almost any other menial task. You can tuck up your pelvis and contract your abdominals into a crunch whenever you are sitting or standing, or even crunch to the side, while standing, to work those obliques.

3.Use everyday tasks to your advantage.

Walking the dog may be a way to get in your cardio, for sure. But what about contracting those biceps as you hold the leash and then switching arms? Do some squats as you lift and bring in the kids or groceries from the car. Or even lift those grocery bags behind your back to strengthen your triceps. Do calf raises as you wash the dishes. Do leg lifts as you brush your teeth¸ do the laundry, or cook dinner. Be creative and think of how you can turn an everyday task into a way to sculpt and tone your body.

What are some unique exercises you do to help you stay fit? How do you motivate yourself when you just don’t feel like exercising?


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