Family Fun on a Budget


You don’t need a lot of money, time, or tools to have fun as a family. Try some of these inexpensive and easy ways to enhance your family time.

1.) Make clay sculptures! You can find many easy, cheap recipes for clay online. An easy basic salt clay recipe is 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, and enough water to make a soft dough and you have enough clay for a family of 4 to make small sculptures, ornaments, or other momentos. Let them dry or put them in a 200 degrees (F) for about an hour or until dry. You can paint them once dry or just add food coloring to the clay before sculpting.

2.) Blow bubbles! Again, the internet is a great resource for recipes, an easy recipe is 1 part liquid dish-washing detergent to approx. 1/3 part water to make the bubble concoction. Then you can use wire hangers or wire bread-ties to create the bubble blowers.

3.) Have a shadow party! Turn off all of the lights in a room with a large plain wall, preferably at night. Set up a lamp, flashlight, or candle on a 2-3ft. high table and make animals, shapes, etc. with your hands, body, etc. in the light so the shadow shows up on the wall. You can play charades, tell stories or just take turns making shadows!

4.) Play marbles! Marbles can usually be purchased at a very economical price at any “all-purpose” store. But you can use rocks, limes, fruit pits, and/or seeds. Play the original marbles game or you can line up a few in a horizontal line in front of you and have your opponent to do the same, then use a spare marble or rock, etc. to try to hit each other’s line of marbles.

5.) Make personal body outlines! Use a large piece of butcher paper or tape a few pieces together and then have someone lie down on them and draw their outline. Then you can decorate with stickers, add clothing, fill in the face, etc, it’s fun to see what everyone comes up with!

The point is to be together as a family and enjoy each others’ company! Don’t be worried about being to detailed or extravagant. Be creative, think of quality not quantity or effort, just relax and have fun!


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