My Philosophy on Learning


This life is all about learning. Right? That’s what we came here for, that is the whole plan. We are very blessed that we have the Lord overseeing this learning process and giving us tools and insights along the way. We have His sacred scriptures to guide us as well as the Holy Ghost. I am so very grateful for these incredible gifts in my life.

Now, does that mean that this should be a piece of cake? Of course not. If it were easy then we really wouldn’t learn anything, would we? There are numerous facets to consider. We have our circumstances of family, home, culture….not to mention our gender, personality, and physical capabilities. All of these aspects, as well as others, play an important role in the way we learn and what we will learn throughout all eternity.

Personally, I think that there are no learning disabilities. Yes, I do agree that there are great challenges given to many people that affect their learning, BUT I also agree that most societies have created too small of a box for most people to fit into.  Sometimes a disability simply needs to be thought of as a different way of learning.

Thankfully, we live in a time when “learning styles” are at least recognized as valid in the educational arena. However, we still have to move away from the human’s natural tendency to categorize everything because there are new people being born every day and every day new things are being discovered….we really have no time to lose with placing everyone into a “learning box” and expecting them to thrive and reach their potential.

Thus, I come to my point (took a while didn’t it?) I believe that with all the nuances of learning and the incredible variety of people in existence that we have no choice but to rely on spiritual guidance to find our true potential of learning. What do I mean by this? Well, I think each of us knows basically how we don’t like to learn or what we have trouble learning (mathematics, anyone?). This is a good start. Now, if we can rely more on the way we feel about a particular learning experience we will begin to find our own personal road to our knowledge potential. When we feel that we can’t get enough, that everything is “clicking” and our brain is even bringing in past information to connect to our current experience and perhaps even hypothesizing on future learning….then we know we are in our mode, our method, our way of learning.

Now, for myself, I find that this process of finding our way is greatly enhanced by spiritual development. Prayer, scripture reading, pondering/ meditation, worship/ devotional time….these things bring me a peace, a calmness, and a special “in tune” nature to the workings of the Holy Ghost, who is our biggest ally in helping us find, recognize, and remember. He is what we feel guiding us and helping us connect the dots, so to speak, in the vast expanse of possible learning experience.

Of course, as parents, and I believe especially as mothers, it also becomes our responsibility to not only help ourselves find our way through this learning maze, but also to guide our children. This is using a spiritual method to utilize a seemingly secular activity, but I would argue that they are one and the same. I think many of us would say that we strive to be like God, to act as He would, to be like He is….well, does this not require learning?

When we seek the Lord’s help and guidance we will surely find it, whether it be for our own good or the good of our family. He loves us, he wants us to succeed and success to Him is not “getting by”, it is not being mediocre….he wants us to EXCEL. To truly live is to love, and to love, is to learn.


5 thoughts on “My Philosophy on Learning

  1. Love this, as usual! 😉 I’ve been thinking about the same things as I plan for a new school year… thinking God’s thoughts after Him.

    I agree about learning “disabilities”… we are all created for His glory, just as He see fit. Our children are each special and knit together by Him, part of His family.

    I have often felt this pressure to fit into a popular category of teaching/ thought/ method of homeschooling, but you are right… it is the guidance of Holy Spirit that determines our “connecting the dots.” I have a post about this written IN MY HEAD (not on the computer). Totally agree! 🙂
    Love hearing about your blog’s name. Thanks for sharing this for those of us who missed it!
    (And I don’t enjoy math either!)

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